Data Synchronisation Monitoring

Every synchronisation activity may also be monitored as it happens. The Data Synchronisation monitoring function can be used for various purposes, such as viewing which tables are synchronising for a certain client or to determine which clients have not synchronised any table data for some time.

Select the Data Sync Monitoring tab in the user interface.



In cases where you have a large monitoring list, you can use the Client search field to filter by Client or by any of the other auto filter rows.


You may also export the list to a CSV file, if required. You can do this by right-clicking anywhere on the grid, and selecting Export To File

The list displays details of each synchronised table:

  • Client, Database, Schema and Table names
  • Table row and update count
  • Date and current status

The Last Sync Comment can be one of the following statuses:

  • Pending Initial Data Sync - The client table has been set up for data syncing and is in the process of executing its first synchronisation.
  • Initial Sync - All data for this table has been synced but no deltas have been captured for this client table
  • Syncing - One or more deltas have been captured for this client table
  • Awaiting Disablement - data sync is currently in the process of being deactivated.
  • Disabled with KEEP sync data - Data sync has been disabled for client table, however, the data itself is not deleted.
  • Disable with DELETE sync data - Data sync has been disabled for client table and all central data has been removed.
  • Table Skipped: database/table does not exist - client table cannot be enabled because the database/table does not exist.