Administration Overview

Central Administration is used for configuring and tweaking Conductor4SQL to suite your business needs.

Click on the Administration ribbon tab

There are a number of options under the Administration tab:

  • Client Groups - used to create meaningful groupings of clients.
  • Email - used for configuring database mail for system report emails.
  • Events - Here you can add email event alerts (for example when a database/table is dropped).
  • Business Attributes - Business attributes are business specific custom fields for your installed clients.
  • Users - adding users and assigning user roles.
  • Scheduler - used for scheduling User Commands and User Queries to run at specific times.
  • Reports - enabling reports for the Conductor4SQL Report Module.
  • Alerts - configure email alerts.
  • C4SQL Configuration - enabling and disabling functionality in the UI.
  • Queue Management - adding additional queues for the Data Sync Module.