Scheduler Administration Overview

The Scheduler Administration screen is used for scheduling User Commands and User Queries within the Conductor4SQL application.

Scheduling a User Query/Command is useful when you want a script to only run at a given time or when you want to repeatedly send a User Query/Command.

Schedule New Command or Query

When the button Schedule New Command or Query is clicked then you will be presented with the following panel screen, on the right side:

  • Schedule Name - The name of the scheduled, it is preferable to use a descriptive name
  • Destination Type - The options are All or Group


  • All - this option will send the scheduled script to ALL clients
  • Group - this option will send the scheduled script to the selected Group of clients.
  • Message Type - The Options are User Query or User Command


If you choose to schedule a command you cannot email or save the results.

  • User Query or User Command - Select a previously saved User Query or User Command, You can also choose to create a new query or command by clicking on the New/Edit button, refer to the Script Editor Guide
  • Schedule - You will need to select the schedule that is already saved or you need to create one by clicking on the button New/Edit, refer to section Add New Schedule and then you will be presented with the screen below.


Use the Send Test button to send your command/query immediately to test that the query and destination is working correctly.

Fields specific to User Query

If User Query is selected for Destination Type there are a number of additional options:

  • Email Query Result - if checked the results will be emailed to the Email List provided
  • Save Query Result To File - if checked the query results will be saved to the file system on the Central Server at the location defined in Save Path


  • Use the Send Test Email button to send the scheduled email immediately
  • Use the Save Test File button to immediately save the query results to the specified file

Add or Edit Schedule

The following screen will let you be able to add or edit existing schedules:

  • Schedule Name - Here you can add the schedule name, preferable use a descriptive name.

  • Schedule type - Here you are able to choose whether the schedule is on a Minutes, Hourly, Weekly or Monthly. You need to fill the necessary fields according to how you would like the schedule to work.

Schedule Types

  • Minutes - Schedule will execute every x number of minutes between the Start Hour and End Hour parameters
  • Hourly - Schedule will execute every hour at the given Start Minute between the Start Hour and End Hour parameters
  • Weekly - Schedule will execute on the ticked Days at the given Start Hour and Start Minute parameters
  • Monthly - Schedule will execute once a month at the given Day, Hour and Minute parameters

Click the Save button and save the schedule


You can also click on the Delete button to delete a schedule


You cannot delete a schedule that is currently in use.