Client Console Overview

The Client Console is used for monitoring and controlling Conductor4SQL much like the Central Console but at a client level.

There are many ways to Open the Client Console. Firstly you can find the client you want in the drop down list and click on the View Client icon on the Conductor4SQL main application form:

The other way is right clicking on many of the grids in the Central Console and selecting the Open Client option. e.g. you can do this on the Central Client Overview screen:

On the Client Console Screen we have a number of different sections/tabs:

  • Client Dashboard - Client Queue overview screen

  • Client Control - Send commands, send queries, send file, system commands and queries, see history and status of all happening on the client.

  • Client Settings - Adjust TCP routing address for a client

  • Client Settings - Adjust business attribute values for given client

  • Client Comments - Can add comments on the status of an installed client

  • Client Auditing - Same as central auditing but at a client level

  • Client Data Sync - Can monitor all tables enabled for data sync and their statuses