Business Attributes Administration Overview

The Business Attributes Administration screen is used for configuring Business Attributes. Business attributes can be used to define attributes as required by the business, to better understand the data.

Some good examples for business attributes would be: "Country", "Cost Centre" and "Store Name"


You can only have a maximum of 5 defined business attributes

Adding Business Attributes

To add a new attribute click on the "Create Business Attribute" button as highlighted below

Fill in the "Edit Business Attribute" form:

  • Attribute Name - The name of the custom field

  • Tick the Required check box if attribute must be filled in on client installation.

  • You can put all the possible attribute values onto the Attribute Value List (one of each line)

  • Click on the Save button to the new attribute

Editing and Deleting Business Attributes

To edit a Business Attribute, click on the attribute in the grid as seen below:

If you wish to edit the attribute adjust the fields that you wish to edit followed by clicking on the Save button.

If you wish to delete a business attribute, simply click on the Delete button.

Bulk Editing Business Attributes

You can bulk edit the business attributes for all of your installed clients. To do this click on the Edit Client Business Attributes button on the Central Console >> Central Client Overview or the Administration >> Business Attributes screens.