Auto Re-Enabling Queues

You can now auto re-enable specific queues that have defined error messages by editing the dbo.CM_Queue_Auto_Enable table in the SyncWorx database at central. The step Auto Re-enable Client Queues step in the C4SQL Hourly job is responsible for auto re-enabling the queues.

In the example script below:

  • The Client Queue queue will always get re-enabled regardless of what error brought down the queue (due to the pattern %).
  • The Default_Datasync_Queue will get re-enabled by any error that matches the pattern 'Database % cannot be opened due%'
  • The any queue that matches the pattern % (which is every queue) will get auto re-enabled when an error that matches the pattern 'Database % is being recovered%' occurs
INSERT INTO dbo.CM_Queue_Auto_Enable (QueueNameLike, ErrorMessageLike)
('Client Queue', '%'),
('Default_Datasync_Queue', 'Database % cannot be opened due%'),
('%', 'Database % is being recovered%')


The QueueNameLike and ErrorMessageLike columns are case sensitive